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So...basically, I have this bestie who is completely obsessed with Cat Deely/Dominic Sandoval from SYTYCD. And really, who can blame her? They're adorable. But apparently people are deaf, dumb, and blind or something, because their whole thing is they play up the will they/won't they on the show. So IDK what's going on there, but she asked me to make a post of all the clips where they flirt with each other, and so I have. Spanning two seasons of reality TV and three years of real life, this is the Epic Love Story of Cat and Dom.

This show has better continuity and relationships than most scripted dramas. )
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I don't know, you guys. I really don't. I'll confess right now that Benji isn't my all-time favorite from this show (or even from his season; it goes 1. Joshua Allen, 2. Travis Wall, & 3. Benji Schwimmer) but he really is an amazing performer. He's also Mormon, which leads to my song choice...

Banner. )

Title: "Rhythm in Me"
Fandom: SYTYCD
Contestant: Benji Schwimmer
Song Used: "Rhythm in Me" from the Altar Boyz soundtrack
Details: .avi encoded with DivX
Summary: Does Benji's church know he shakes his booty? Let's just hope they're not watching...
Download (Right Click + Save Target as, or Option + Click if you're on a Mac like me): Rhythm (15.6 MB)

Lyrics. )

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I really needed to have a copy of Tyce's "Adam and Eve" routine on my LJ 'cause 1) It's awesome, 2) Tyce is precious, and 3) I'm working it into the Tydam fic I'm working on, so now I do have it here. )

I actually paid for music yesterday for the first time in...possibly years. Damn you, Darren Criss. Damn you and your getting me to love you so much that I'll blindly follow you from HP the Musical to some unrelated webseries you worked on a long time ago. I paid for the web series' soundtrack! *headdesk* Randomly, I was telling Kristyn about it, and I said, "And so Lauren Lopez plays Darren Criss's girlfriend..." and she said, "Didn't she play Draco and he play Harry in HP the Musical? OMG HARRY/DRACO." I laughed so hard it hurt.

Oh, interwebs. You give me so much joy.

P.S. Shane tried to kiss Gopher FOR THE THIRD TIME on one of this week's Dorm Life webcams. If something doesn't happen soon, I am going to DIE.


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