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Tonight was incredible. We came in and we were given drinks (I tried the wine, decided it, like most wine, was shit, and opted instead for trying some Tru Blood, which was also shit) and then we got at least two minutes to talk to Sam, but more if we wanted and he was willing, which omg, he so was. I talked to him three separate times just at the reception. So the first, I told him I loved the show, had watched since the beginning, thought he was great, Alan Ball was a god, etc. Basic stuff. He gave me a hug and the photographer snapped a picture, and then we wrote down our addresses for her to mail us them.

Then a little while later, after he had met with everyone, I went back for more 'cause omg, hi, Sam freaking Trammell. So I asked The Question. The Question about if Sam would be attracted to Bill because he drank Bill's blood, and if Bill would always know where Sam was and if he was in trouble. The Question that fandom has been asking itself since the finale, basically.

"Since drinking Eric's blood made Sookie and Lafayette attracted to Eric, and let him know where they were at all times, what will happen now that Sam has drank Bill's blood?"

Well, ladies and gents, I got an answer.

"You know, that was the first thing I thought of when I got the script! So I went to Alan Ball and asked, and he said, 'Oh, wow! I hadn't thought of that yet! We have to explore that in season 3!' I don't think Sam's going to be attracted to Bill, but he did nearly drain the guy, so Bill will probably always know where Sam is and have some control over him. But that's up to Alan!"

So we have an answer!

So then I got one of the empty bottles of Tru Blood and asked Sam to sign it, which he did. It has my name on it, spelled right and everything! :-D

So then we move from the reception to the actual theatre where the Q & A is taking place. They had this cute little red carpet in front of the door and the guy who organized it asked those of us who were there early to cheer loudly for Sam when he got there because his dad was escorting him in (his parents still live in Charleston) and it would make his dad so proud. So we did. We cheered really loud and his dad beamed like it was the best thing ever. Sam talked to us more, signed things, took pictures, was generally awesome.

So he turns to go in and this one girl goes, "WHOO! WE LOVE YOU, SAM!" and it cracks him up so much that he goes back to her, signs more things, takes two pictures with her, and gives her a hug, all 'cause she made him laugh. I'm telling you, this guy is amazing.

So then came the Q & A. The facts of which I have put under the cut. )

So then the organizers sort of herd Sam out the back without telling anyone, trying to get him out of there quickly. Except where was my car parked? The back entrance. So I'm getting into my ghetto car and all of the sudden, "Hi, Kaci! Thanks for coming! It was so nice to meet you!" I NEARLY DIED.

General observations: Sam is even hotter in person than he is on the show. He is also a truly nice guy. His beard is going a little gray, and it makes him look dignified. Seriously, such a nice guy. No one I talked to other than Sam himself had noticed the Sam/Bill thing until I pointed it out to them. Great minds, you know.

And...that's about it! I had such a good night! Please enjoy the crappy cell phone pictures under the cut, because I forgot to take my regular camera. I will post the picture of me and Sam as soon as it's mailed to me. ♥!

Pictures! )


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