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Nov. 6th, 2010 01:27 pm
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The entirety of this post will be placed under a cut rather than put on my porn filter because a certain someone *sharp eyes* asked me to make the post public so they could link other people to it. That said: This post will be public, so if you don't want your comment to be public, don't leave one! As always, my e-mail is and I am happy to correspond through that if you'd like to keep it private. Or, no correspondence necessary! Just enjoy the porn!

Look, I only have two rules when it comes to m/m porn:

1) The guy getting fucked has to look like he's enjoying it.
2) They have to look at least mildly interested in each other.

So...a month or so ago, someone on my flist (who I will not name, as this is a public post; if they want credit, just shoot me a note and I will of course credit them) posted a video called Double Double in which Connor and Dru DP'ed Travis. It was different than most threesome videos, in that it wasn't about the two tops ganging up on the bottom--if anything, Travis is in control, and he's begging for more. And Travis's face? Look, I can not describe it in words. This is the only way to describe what happens to his face:

-_- ------> O_O ------> ^-^

Literally, that is the only way to describe his face. He comes twice, once while each guy is fucking him, and THEN they DP him and he's still hard. Look, I realize this all probably took about three days to shoot and blah blah blah, yeah, I'm aware of how videos are made. But there's no denying that Travis gives them a hell of a lot to work with.

So I went in search of his other videos. He started off with a solo, then slowly worked up to bottoming. Once they'd gotten a cock in him? He got to top maybe once more. And then they were like, "Yeah, so...he's just gonna bottom from now on, 'cause look at him." He loves it. LOVES IT. You do not even know cockslut until you have seen Travis.

I did not download the videos where he tops, or the three m/f/m videos he's done. Frankly, I don't know how he could top these in those.

In one, he and the guy fuck each other.

(By the way, the guy he does that with says he's fooled around with guys irl before, and frankly...he seems REALLY into Travis,'s kind of sad? Like, "aw, poor bi boy...Travis only does this 'cause he gets paid, he's not really into you back," and poor bi boy can not accept that.) (Which brings up another point, because seriously, after you see Travis in action? HOW IS HE STRAIGHT? IN WHAT UNIVERSE?)

In three videos, he comes untouched. In two, he gets DPed and stays hard.

Basically...this guy should bottom in every m/m porn video ever because he looks like he's having the time of his life. He makes me think of that scene in Another Gay Movie where Andy finally gets fucked and he's like, "You. have. found. new. places. inside. of me. \0/ QUEER AS FOLK, EAT YOUR FUCKING HEART OUT!" Yeah, it's like that. All the time.

My personal suggestion would be to start with #35--the most recent one. It's basically his masterpiece. If you're into that, go back and watch the earlier ones, where he's just learning, and he's still kinda awkward and gangly, and then keep going until you hit the like...entire year where they kept using him to break in the new tops because really, if you'd never fucked a guy before and your first time, the guy came untouched, you'd be a lot more apt to be like, "Hey, maybe this is fun!" than if he was making grimacey faces the whole time, amirite?

Edit: I can not believe I forgot to mention this: look, if you're anything like me, I can't keep a straight face on while watching porn. Let's all just be honest with each other and admit that sex is, frankly, hysterical. It looks weird, it sounds strange, and the most bizarre expressions cross people's faces when they're having it. It's sticky and sweaty and disgusting and if it didn't feel so damn good, most of us wouldn't bother.

Well, Travis is kinda hilarious like that. Like...his face, or the things he says...I can't even really describe it. For instance, in #35, one of the guys is fucking him, and the other is stroking him off while he sucks guy #2's cock. And all the sudden, he jerks away from guy #2, looks up at the guy fucking him with wide-eyed bemusement and joy and says, "Holy shit!" in this weird little voice, and I laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME. You have to kind of see it to get why it's so funny, but it really is. So, if you're like me, and enjoy some lolz with your porn, check Travis out. :) /end edit

So! 35, then do the rest if you're into it. HAPPY FAPPING.

(Does making this post mean I'm Travis's masturbatory pimp? Do I care?)

The password to unzip the files is comeshot because I am nothing if not simple.

  1. Fucking Travis
  2. Dawson Fucks Travis
  3. Lucas Fucks Travis
  4. Dave Fucks Travis
  5. Jeff Fucks Travis
  6. Joel Fucks Travis
  7. Tagging Travis
  8. Connor Fucks Travis
  9. Tagging Travis II
  10. Tagging Travis III
  11. Zeke Fucks Travis
  12. Josh's First Time
  13. Simon's First Time
  14. Keith's First Time
  15. Ty's First Time
  16. Troy's First Time
  17. Dru Fucks Travis
  18. Ty & Travis's Flip Flop
  19. Elijah & Simon Tag Team Travis
  20. Jamie Fucks Travis
  21. Luca Fucks Travis
  22. Ethan's First Time
  23. Jonas Fucks Travis
  24. Costa Rica: The Twins Tag Travis
  25. Joel Fucks Travis
  26. Bonus Update: Derek Fucks Travis
  27. Mark's First Time
  28. Aaron Fucks Travis
  29. Cain Fucks Travis
  30. Tevin's First Time
  31. Philip's First Time
  32. Dalton Fucks Travis
  33. Lucas & Cain Tag Travis
  34. Marc's First Time
  35. Double Double

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