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So...basically, I have this bestie who is completely obsessed with Cat Deely/Dominic Sandoval from SYTYCD. And really, who can blame her? They're adorable. But apparently people are deaf, dumb, and blind or something, because their whole thing is they play up the will they/won't they on the show. So IDK what's going on there, but she asked me to make a post of all the clips where they flirt with each other, and so I have. Spanning two seasons of reality TV and three years of real life, this is the Epic Love Story of Cat and Dom.

Season 3

This is the video that started it all, in which Dominic announces his crush on Cat. Nothing was ever the same after this. I'd also like to point out that this was Adam Shankman's very first episode ever as a guest judge, back when he was pimping out Hairspray. This will become important when we get to season 7, so keep that in mind.

Cat kicks off her heels and demonstrates her "French" accent.

It's magnetic.


Dom: *squeeze*
Cat: Hold onto her! She's the partner! Get him, Lauren! Stand there.

Sorry, Cat.

(Sorry for my crappy editing. I really wasn't putting a lot of effort into this at this time of night...)

Mwah part the second.

You can carry me, if you want.

(Again, my apologies for the editing. IT WAS REALLY LATE AND I WAS SLEEPY, DO NOT JUDGE ME.)

In which Dominic gives a whole new meaning to the word "clingy."

Adam: You seem fine to me right now...

Again, keep track of how much Adam takes note of Cat/Dom. IT'S IMPORTANT LATER, I SWEAR.

In which Cat has no idea.

In which Dominic nearly dry humps Cat's leg, Cat fans herself, and a ship is cemented in the American consciousness and won't be resolved for three more years.

So season 3 ended and three years passed. The format of the show changed, to have the current contestants dance with "all stars" from previous seasons. Dominic was invited to represent hip hop and bboying. I'd like to tell you that they picked up right where they left off, but that'd be a lie. They picked up three years later, and it shows. Dominic has grown up so much in the off season and whereas before, when Cat reacted to his advances, it was, "lol, silly boy." Now? Now she initiates contact. Now she flirts back. Now he's a man, now he's ready for her, and now she's ready for him. And oh, it's epic.

Season 7

Look at the way his hand sort of hovers there for a minute before he finally touches her. <3

Cat: Well, hello, lover.
Cat: I feel you, Dominic.
Dom: I feel you.
Cat: I feel you. Just remember, this is the first show. We need to go somewhere with this, okay? It's like a first date. (Trying to get back on track.) Tabitha and Napoleon-- (Back to Dom.) Hey! I can see you!
Dom: I can't see you.
Cat: Well...too tall.

Adam: Um, well to begin with, and I think I speak for everybody...I am really excited to see how this whole Cat/Dominic thing plays out through this season.
Cat: Slowly, is how it's going to play out, Adam. SLOWLY!
Adam: It's very exciting.

This is why it's important. He was there the very first episode Dominic admitting to having the crush and now here he is, three years later. Adam Shankman, everybody: The Original Cat/Dominic Shipper.

Again, sorry for the bad editing, but.

Look at the way she touches him first. And then look at the way his hand comes up behind Lauren, just resting on Cat's shoulder, his thumb slowly stroking her skin. It's so intimate and yet so casual and just kadjfa;sdlfk KEY MASH FOREVER.

Cat: Dom, do you want to get to a deeper place?
Adam: OH MY GOD.
Dom: You asked!
Cat: And now I'm finishing!

Okay, if you look at his face during this, he's clearly upset. If you've been watching this show before now, you'll have noticed that often the dancers go into this weird...I almost want to make an analogy to subspace here. It's this weird place in their head they have to go to to play dark or evil or serious characters, like Kupono in Addiction or Dominic here in Abuse. And it's almost like they have a hard time coming down from it, like someone who's been in subspace does. They tend to need a lot of hugging with their dance partner (or anyone who's around) and generally taken care of until they get out of that awful mindset. So Cat making this joke here? Is a huge gesture on her part to get him out of feeling like an abuser. And it's fairly dirty and shippy, too, so that's bonus.

Nigel: Dominic, try and not touch Cat behind--
Cat: It's okay. We've got someone between us.
Nigel: Yes, thank God for that.


Cat gives Dom back his sword, both literally and innuendo-y, and Adam screams, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" and just wants those two crazy kids to make it work because this is better than his soaps.

Cat gives Dominic a balloon and a kiss, and he is not happy when she extends the same gesture to Robert.

And um...that's all so far. IDK what you people want from me. You have to be blind not to see this.

Date: 2013-03-09 06:16 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] canomia
I just found this, the videos aren't there anymore and so much has happened since. Like Dom and Laurens relationship. Could you update this, make a new one with all these clips and whatever new clips there is? I'm to lazy to do it myself and since you have all of this already..


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