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YOU GUYS. This has been sitting on my hard drive since...*looks* JULY. And the crazy thing is that I'm actually proud of it, so it's really woeful that it had to sit for that long, but whatever, it's up now, and look at it! ALL SHINY AND PRETTY AND KINKY. *flail*

Not to mention that by waiting to post it as part of [ profile] kink_bigbang, I got art! AND OMG YOU GUYS, LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS:

[ profile] chosenfire28 is so talented and awesome and made me such prettties! *loves all over it*

*deep breaths* Okay. Serious time now.

Thanks to [ profile] dancinbutterfly for pushing me to write it and holding my hand while I did and giving me the idea for the entire second half of the fic. I said I needed to push the "filling Nick up" thing to its limits and...well. She told me how to do it. Hee.

Thanks to [ profile] crystallekil for beta'ing it even though the aforementioned filling kind of freaked her out. She agrees with me that this is the dirtiest thing I've ever written, so...I'll take it as a compliment. ;-)

Thanks to my flist for putting up with me squeeing about this movie/ship for months on end and for watching it so they could squee with me, too.

Lastly, ten internet cookie points to whoever gets the "Henry Killinger's Magical Masturbation Bag" reference. OBSCURE POP CULTURE REFERENCE, THY NAME IS ME.

Thanks for reading!


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