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Yeah, so...I can't get them out of my head. I have tried. I really have. But no matter what I try to write or what icons I try to make, I always end up coming back to them. I don't know why, but there it is. I'm freaking obsessed with Nick and Downey from Fired Up and I can't even explain why. All I can do is...flail in their general direction. Heh. Anyway. Pic, quote, and gif spam to help alleviate the urgency with which this obsession has gripped me.

Icon 001

This is Downey. He likes beer, video games, cheering, football, and Nick.

Icon 002

This is Nick (right). He thinks Downey is a "kindred spirit" and can't wait to be his boyfriend.

Icon 003

Downey enjoys hugging people in greeting. First he hugs Nick's best friend Shawn...

Icon 004

And then he hugs Nick. Only, to quote Captain James T. Kirk and also Alferd Packer, "But that's not the way it happened!" See, Nick's got himself a bit of a subjective memory and as we'll find out later, he's not exactly remembering all of the things that happen to him around Downey correctly. For instance, this greeting? Actually happened more like this:

Icon 002

As you can see, Downey has himself a big old crush on Nick, and Nick is blocking it out due to his sooper speshul gay repression skillz. 'Cause Nick? Nick is gay, gay, gay and doesn't know how to deal with it. So when Downey has the hots for him, Nick simply decides to ignore it. Poor Nick. He's a sad puppy.

Icon 005

Downey knows just how to cheer him up, though, and not-quite-subtly offers to give Nick a blowjob. Less teeth, though, Downey. You should know better.

Icon 006

Nick's okay with the teeth, apparently, and even lets his tongue hang out in anticipation. Shawn seems to think he'll be getting a blowjob, too, but we all know Downey's a one man guy.

Icon 007

In the meantime, though, the boys want to know about Fired Up University and Downey is more than happy to tell them that by the end of camp, their cheering is going to be off the charts!

Icon 008

The boys are befuddled, however, and would rather go back to talking about getting blowjobs.

Icon 009

Downey is stunned that they don't want to hear about cheer camp.

Icon 010

Confused, even.

Icon 001

But blowjobs are fun to talk about so he gives them a demonstration of what he's got to offer.

Icon 011

Does that sound like something Nick might be interested in?

Icon 012

Nick is giddy at the thought of what that tongue can do for him. Shawn's happy for him, too, but not quite as excited. Maybe he finally realized that he wouldn't be getting one, too.

Icon 013

Downey is pleased that Nick is excited about the blowjob. Or he's crushing on him so hard that whenever Nick smiles, it makes him happy. Yeah, go with that. That's cuter.

Icon 014

He's confused, though, when the boys start asking about the girls at camp. They see real progress with their cheering, why do you ask?

Icon 015

"Wait," says Nick. "Did you think I wanted the blowjob from you? I'm straight! No, really!"

Icon 016

Downey lolz at that because...well, come on. Look at Nick. Downey knows a kindred spirit when he sees one just as Nick did.

Icon 017

Nick is confused as to how anyone could doubt his sexuality and vows to have sex with a lot of women to prove Downey wrong.

Icon 018

He doesn't understand how anyone could possibly see through his overcompensating and denial.

Plot-type things happen for awhile and then Downey goes through a phase where he doesn't seem capable of keeping his eyes off of Nick. No, really, just check out this next series of pictures.

Icon 019

Icon 020

Icon 021

His staring even prompts Nick to offer to return the blowjob, but Nick quickly reels that back in. He's got a lie to keep up, after all.

Icon 022

Icon 023

Icon 024

Icon 025

Sometimes Nick likes to copy Downey. It's like pulling pigtails. Which, actually, given the length of Downey's hair...I should write fic about that. *cough*

Icon 026

Icon 027

Icon 028

Icon 029

Downey is so into Nick that he can't help but smile when he's around him. It's cute, isn't it?

Icon 030

But he also can't stop thinking about the things he wants to do to Nick, and sometimes his tongue even pokes out to provide visuals.

Icon 031

He frequently bites his lip while thinking about Nick. He wants him really badly.

Icon 032

Icon 033

The boys decide to take some random girls down to a lake to go swimming in only their underwear to "practice lifts." Their whole dorm tags along, and everyone's favorite neat freak, Brewster, decides to go swimming naked. As he practices his "windmill" (it isn't shown, but best guess says that it's exactly what it sounds like), everyone flinches away in disgust. Except for Downey. Could it be that he's so desperate for a little Nick-loving that he's willing to settle for their roommate until he can have the real thing? One can only speculate.

Icon 034

And even with a girl on his shoulders, Downey still can't take his eyes off our boy. It's true love!

More plot stuff happens and the boys are asked to leave camp because everyone finds out that they were planning on bailing after two weeks of camp, anyway. But as they fell in love with Carly and Downey cheerleading, the boys changed their minds and actually wanted to stay. As they ride the bus away from camp, Nick begins to play with a string of green beads, and Shawn brings something rather important to Nick's attention.

Icon 035

Icon 036

Icon 037

"What's that?"

Icon 038

"Oh, it's Downey's bracelet. I love that kid, huh?"

Icon 039

Nick: I said it was cool, so he gave it to me. How nice is that?
Shawn: Those are his uh-uh beads, bro. Downey liked you. Like, liked you-liked you.

Icon 040


Icon 041

"That's crazy. Downey isn't gay."

Icon 042

"Nick, come on. Think about it."

Icon 043

Nick then begins to re-evaluate his time with Downey and comes to realize exactly what he's been blocking out, including the previously shown hug/grope of welcome.

Icon 044

As it turns out, Downey was present for a lot of events that we never saw him at before, including their naked cheerleading session.

Icon 045

He even once asked Nick out on a date. "Hey, Nick. Um, do you wanna go out on the field and maybe count shooting stars with me?"

Icon 046

"You're classic, Downey. Classic," Nick had replied. And then promptly erased the entire thing from his memory so he wouldn't have to admit what he knew he wanted.

Icon 047

Downey is a sad puppy. He wants his Nick!

Icon 048

Nick is in shock and Shawn is amused at how much Nick's brain blocks out to protect him from just admitting that he wants Downey.

Icon 049

Nick spits out the beads, and really, who can blame him? I know I wouldn't want to have a set of those in my mouth, no matter how much I wanted to bang the guy who gave them to me.

More plot stuff happens. The boys return to their former life of being dumb jocks and realize it's not what they want out of life. Damn it, they want to cheer! So they hop back on the bus and head back to camp in time to cheer with their squad for the final competition. Ostensibly, Shawn is going back because of his feelings for Carly. Is it really that crazy to think Nick is going back due to his newly developed feelings, too?

Icon 003

When Downey finds out that Nick has come back for him, he is pleased and greets him with a slap on the bum and a happy, "What's up, kid? It's good to have you back."

Icon 050

Nick, however, doesn't want to bother with pleasantries and skips right to the heart of the matter. "Dude, why didn't you tell me you were gay?"

Icon 051

Downey is confused.

Icon 052

"I'd have been totally okay with that. Paint with all the colors of the wind and what-not."

Icon 053

"Wait," Downey says. "You're...straight?"

Icon 054

Nick laughs nervously before adding, very seriously, "Yes."

Icon 055

Of course he is. How dare you question that?

Icon 056

"But what about your diary?" Downey asks.

Icon 057

Nick is surprised Downey knows about that.

Icon 058

"And then you asked for my beads...

Icon 059

...and stuck 'em in your mouth."

Icon 060

"I thought it was a bracelet," Nick protests.

Icon 061

But as Downey correctly points out, "Why would you stick a bracelet in your mouth?"

Icon 062

And Nick really has no answer to that. "I don't know."

Icon 063

"The closet door is made of all kinds of wood, my brother," Downey says sagely, hitting the nail right on its proverbial head.

Icon 064

Nick can't believe this is happening to him. He's always been so careful with his denial. How is it that this guy is seeing right through him? "What?"

Icon 065

But Downey is happy. He knows he's going to get his Nick eventually, when Nick is ready.

Icon 004

"All kinds," he repeats, and gives Nick another slap on the bum. (For those keeping track, that's two ass grabs and two ass slaps from Downey to Nick in one movie!) To which Nick can only respond, "That is--that awkward."

He's also not ready to give up on him, either, and when Carly's ex-boyfriend, Dr. Rick, punches Nick in the face, Downey ain't having none of that. Nobody fucks with Downey's boyfriend!

Icon 004

He punches Dr. Rick right back. I wonder how Nick will thank him?

Icon 066

Especially since his hand is so sore. Only time, and my fanfiction (because let's be honest, I'm the only one writing this stuff), will tell.

I feel better now. Hee.
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