Jul. 14th, 2009

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You ever come across one of those pairings that seems almost bordering on crack with how seemingly random it is, but you write it anyway, and then you start thinking about it and revisiting old canon and you realize how utterly fucking obvious it was and you should've seen it sooner and aren't you an idiot? Rob Corddry/Ed Helms was like that for me (minus the actual writing; I read a fic for that one), and so is my newest pairing love, Tydam. Tydam is Tyce Diorio + Adam Shankman all wrapped together in a big gay fluffball of dancer/choreographer love with a heaping helping of angst thrown in for good measure. They met in 1990 while dancing together at the Oscars for Paula Abdul and eighteen years later, Adam's a guest judge on SYTYCD and Tyce is a guest judge and regular choreographer for the show. And their love? Is kind of epic.

See, Adam always compliments Tyce on the routines he choreographs, but in 2008, Tyce did this routine for eventual winner Joshua and his partner Katee about finding love and reconnecting with someone who means the world to you. Adam then tells Tyce that it's the "best routine he's done all season," and Tyce gets this look on his face like, Yes, you got it. That was meant for you. He looks so shocked and blown away and almost...scared of the implications. Adam then goes on to say that "there's nothing more exciting than the perfect combination of two dancers and a choreographer and you guys just became like...the holy trinity of SYTYCD. So congratulations, that was awesome." And Tyce? Looks like he's ready to cry. It's the most precious thing. Turns out that icon I have of Adam (which I have had for almost a year now, btw. I made it while Rachael was here visiting in August of 2008) is actually Adam responding to that routine.

And the whole rest of the show, Adam is like...completely giddy, because obviously he knows he is going to have epic get-back-together sex at the end of the night. And Tyce? Isn't even on the episode that was filmed two days later. Clearly he is still in bed trying to recover, heh heh. And the next week when he's back to choreograph again? He looks SO HAPPY. And the routine he does is all giddy and bouncy and :-D! and you can just so tell that it's because he and Adam finally worked shit out. It's so cute.

So under the cut is a vidspam of Tyce's routines he's done on episodes where Adam was on and Adam's subsequent comments. Some of them are shippy and some of them aren't, but I want all of them preserved for my own memory & fic puproses. Oh, and a picture of them on a bed together. Seriously. Adam twitpic'ed it like the day after I realized I shipped them. He's totally doing that on purpose. :-P )

And um...that's Tydam. Come over to the dark side. I have fic-cookies. :-D


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